Some of our most sublime moments in Italy have been while staying in magnificent villas, castles and farmhouses - indeed there is no better way to immerse yourself in the splendid countryside, in a medieval village or even city center. We recommend a longer sojourn in one place since this allows you to truly appreciate where you are, stop the clock and start to enjoy the little things in life which for Italians - who have their priorities straight at least in this regard - are actually the most important: meandering through a flowery field, meeting an artisan at his workshop, tasting products at a local farm, relaxing at a café and admiring the people pass by. 'Slow' adventures, if you will, add much meaning to our frenetic existence, and these are often facilitated by establishing a base for a longer time period (e.g. one week) rather than moving frequently from one hotel to the next.

Adventures In Northern Italy is able to provide the most beautiful private villas and locations for your vacation stay, your event and your work meeting, creating the most exclusive experiences throughout the territory: from the serene hilly vineyards and hill towns of Chianti and Barolo to stunning Lake Como and the magical Dolomites mountains, and along the Mediterranean Sea from the tiny port of Portofino to glorious places well off the radar, and much more.
Adventures In Northern Italy & Boutique Events are honored to guide and accompany you in every stage of development of your vacation and your event, from location selection to catering, from tours for guests to live music and many other activities, as we provide you with a truly unique and extraordinary Italian experience.
The following is a small taste of what we can offer you. Thanks to our years of experience on the field we can present many other possibilities throughout the country; please contact us directly for more information.


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