The search for elegance and harmony together with the attention to the smallest details define Rebecca Leibowitz's philosophy in making your event superlative and unique. As an Italian Jew, Rebecca dedicates maximum care to the observance of religious rules and to the different family traditions and customs (minaghim) for those who wish to organize a kosher event.
She masterfully assists you in taking on all the large and small challenges involved in planning a Jewish religious event in Italy, leaving for you only the pleasant part.

Rebecca Leibowitz is your trusted consultant and expert guide who will listen to your wishes and turn them into reality. She will help you defining the theme and mood of your event, proposing the best solutions and creating an overall harmony - from the location to the floral decorations, from the selection of the menu to the design of the fabric, from the furnishings to the mise en place of the table, from the soundtrack to the lights - making your event an unforgettable Italian dream for you and your guests.