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The great geographical and historical diversity of Northern Italy is also reflected in its cuisine and wines. It is amazing how so much can change in such a short distance, from one valley to the next, even from one hill town to the next. The heights of the Alps and Apennines are only a few hours' drive from the Mediterranean, and enroute the traveler can savor the specialties of the pre-alpine lakes, risotto-rice plains and vineyard-covered hills. On our 'eno-gastronomy' - focused tours, you'll have the opportunity to meet producers of cheese, wine and many other special products, you can learn to cook regional dishes with talented local chefs and be enthralled by the story behind many antique specialties - in addition to appreciating the taste thereof. A feast for the senses indeed awaits the Northern Italian Adventurer, in every season. 

An eno-gastronomic experience in Northern Italy does not just mean tasting a risotto alla milanese with saffron, or a risotto al Barbera (made with Barbera wine), or amaretti-stuffed peaches, or tasting wine from a world-famous producer, but it can also include a myriad of different experiences that you can select directly: a hunt for white and black truffles, wine tastings from astounding yet still-to-be-discovered producers, tours and tastings at producers of Parmigiano Reggiano as well as aged/blue mountain cheeses, tastings of hazelnut chocolate, tours of extravirgin olive oil producion, aged balsamic vinegar production and tasting, gelato production and tasting and much more. Cooking classes typically include the preparation of local specialties, such as focaccia in Liguria and grissini in Piemonte, depending on the season - i.e. October might be the time for a porcini-based class - and of course on your preferences. We also visit prominent food fairs such as FICO, the Alba truffle fair, and the Slow Food center in Pollenzo. All tours can be customized as best suits individual groups and are typically led by trained sommelier and food experts.
Food & Wine
The great geographical and historical diversity of Northern Italy is also reflected in ...
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