Boutique Events is the result of Rebecca Leibowitz's project to combine the best of Italian excellence, refinement and elegance, for couples who choose the charm of Italy as their wedding destination.

Rebecca Leibowitz guides you through the many beautiful ancient and modern locations or among the bustling and diverse synagogues that Italy boasts, to identify the one that best fits your special day.

In fact, Italy offers unique panoramas to set your dream of love.
Rebecca Leibowitz is ready to guide you not only in choosing the perfect location, but also in all those small and big decisions that help personalize your wedding by giving it a special, unique and unrepeatable touch.

Rebecca Leibowitz and her team of professionals of great value and experience, pursue a single goal: achieving the perfect balance between fun, beauty and refinement.

Maximum attention is given to the choice and care of the smallest details, so that your desires and expectations will become reality.