Rebecca & David Leibowitz

When Milanese DOCG (= true native Milanese) Rebecca Alessandra first met David Leibowitz in a Milan wine bar, she couldn't believe how much the Connecticut native knew of her land of origin, Northern Italy. 'So much to explore in such a short distance, in two hours we can travel from 15,000 foot Alps to the Mediterranean coast', he exclaimed, before spending the evening discussing the great diversity of culture, history, art, language/dialect, eno-gastronomy, and natural beauty of the Italian North, how so much can change from one valley, even from one hill town to the next. Rebecca was intrigued, 'How come this Yankee knows more about my homeland than I do?' she thought... and the rest is history: one sip of unique local wine at a time, Adventures in Northern Italy directors Rebecca and David have since then been busy uncovering the incredible splendors of the Italian North.

One of the most important company goals is to connect (or in jargon, ‘build cultural bridges between’) Italians and people from throughout the world, as Rebecca and David are convinced that notwithstanding communication today at the speed of light people still don’t really know each other. Stereotypes prevail, therefore, even between two seemingly close countries like Italy and the United States, and active, cultural tours may help foreign travelers and Italians alike to understand each other better. Another goal is to introduce the healthy Italian philosophy of life - that no matter how hard people work here, the main goal is to be with friends and family on a Sunday, enjoying a walk or lunch together. Finally, even in a short period of time, Adventures in Northern Italy wishes to present travelers not only with the most well-known (and certainly worth visiting) sites of a specific region, but also those less-visited, perhaps unknown to native Italians themselves. This is a rewarding task, and in the end fairly easy since tourists still tend to flock to the same areas of the world, leaving marvelous places nearby relatively untouched.

Rebecca and David are now studying to become sommeliers with AIS, Italian Sommelier Association, as wine is a great love of theirs, and the marvelous variety of wine and grapes in Northern Italy is also an excellent starting point for discovering a given territory - even beyond its eno-gastronomy.