Portofino Coast
Portofino Coast (1 day)

After a leisurely stroll through Santa Margherita Ligure, we’ll take a boat ride along the rocky coastline of the Portofino Promontory to the medieval abbey of San Fruttuoso, hidden in a secluded natural harbor. After a short rest on the beach in front of the Abbey, we’ll climb through Mediterranean forest to simple farmhouses covered with valeriana and musky ginestra flowers, finding our way along paths lined with terraces overlooking the sea. As beautiful, gated villas come into view, so will the tiny harbor of Portofino, which will likely be packed with incredible yachts from all over the world. After lunch, we’ll walk to the nearby lighthouse, where we’ll have a great view off the entire Tigullio Gulf. We’ll also take the opportunity to visit the town’s shops and galleries, before returning to Santa Margherita.