Piacentino (1 day)

We’ll explore a magnificent area of the Piacentino region today, situated to south of the town of Piacenza at the foothills of the Apennines, a couple hours from Milan. We’ll begin with a visit to the principle valley village, once a very important religious center. Then we’ll enjoy a walk along the splendid river that winds its way through the valley, admiring the inviting blue waters and hilltop villages enroute. Finally, our taste buds will be rewarded with a taste of one of Northern Italy’s best cuisines – gnocco fritto and superb salumi await us, but not only, be sure to save room for an abundant array of sublime primi and secondi as well.

Please note that our local guide has prohibited us from revealing more in any online text, and in fact insists that travelers sign a non-disclosure agreement during the tour with a few drops of precious Gutturnio. ;-)